10 Best Crosley Turntable 2023 Reviews – Get Crazy Sound

The turntables are quite popular today when it comes to listening to your records. The turntables can come with various features, some trying to remain old school, while others would have a modern touch added to them. The Crosley turntables are great when it comes to giving you the best performance turntables you would ever wish for today.

You can always opt to check out the Crosley turntable reviews to learn more about each of the different models before making up your mind. Check out the following top models from Crosley.

The Best Crosley Turntable Reviews

Best Crosley Turntable Reviews

The model on overall offers a stylistic look and design most people would enjoy checking out all the time. Coming from a company known for its high quality product, then it is no surprise at all seeing this model. For its high quality build, it should easily do well in a competitive market today.

The dynamic full range stereo speakers give it a great sound even when you have not connected the auxiliary speakers. You can always be sure that it will deliver some great sounds for your taste. For those who need a bigger and louder sound, there is an option to use the auxiliary port and connect the speakers.

There are several speeds at which you can play the records with Crosley CR40-RE. You could opt for the 33 1/3, 45 or 78 RPM depending on the record. This means that its application is quite impressive for many people. You can switch from one record to another of different sizes as this model can play 7, 10 and 12-inch records easily without making major adjustments.

The carrying case is made of retro style, which should be great for many people to enjoy carrying it around with it being stylish.

My take

On overall, I feel that the model is great for many people who are looking to enjoy the sounds from their records. With the ability to play various inch records, it is safe to say that the model is great in every way to keep many people happy about it. With the auxiliary and RCA ports, you get more functionality too.

  • Small in size for portability
  • Comes with a great retro look
  • It is fairly lightweight
  • It sounds good
  • It has issues playing at 33 1/3 RPM

1. Crosley C200A-BK Direct Drive Turntable

Crosley C200A-BK Direct Drive Turntable

It might not have the many fancy features of the modern century, but it is great for its style. It is a simple model for people who want to maintain that antique look when they had to use such type of turntables. It is quite easy to setup immediately when you get it out of the box.

Anyone who has used a turntable before can understand that some things can get wrong from a complex model. You will not have to keep on consulting the instructions to get the work done of setting up the model.

It is a good starter record player for someone looking to enjoy some good music at some point. The use of the adjustable pitch control is a great touch that the manufacturer included in this model. This means that you get to control the pitch and tempo important for sound quality.

The model on overall still looks great and expensive for its price. The use of the matte black finish, the dazzling strobe dots and a durable tonearm makes it have a sturdy design and sleek look too.

The sound quality you get with the model is definitely going to be a conversation starter for most people. By playing the model with different types of music, you can easily see that it does come with a great sound as compared to other models.

At its price, it might not be the cheapest on the market, but it sure earns the worth of every penny that you spend on it.

My take

Crosley C200K-BA on overall will get you enjoying the sound of your favorite record. It is not just about the sound, but also the design and looks are great. The model is easy to setup and start enjoying the music in just a few minutes. There is no doubt that most people would also enjoy it too.

  • It is easy to set up for even newbies
  • It can play the records at varying speeds
  • It comes with a great look and design
  • It has a sturdy construction
  • The built-in preamp could be improved
  • It comes with shorter RCA cables

2. Crosley CR7002A-PA Troubadour Turntable

Crosley CR7002A-PA Troubadour Turntable

A feature such as having the USB/SD card reader is something that most turntable manufacturers are embracing, and you Crosley seems to have done the same. From the many Crosley record player reviews, you will always find such a new feature added to the models.

The purpose of this USB/SD card reader, is that you can transfer your records and albums to an external memory card. This means that you get to backup your favorite tracks with a lot of ease. It is not always easy to rip the audio from the old school records.

The construction without a doubt makes it to stand out from the many models available. You will always end up knowing that your model is among the best on the market if you get it today.

From the pictures, it has a wooden finish at the top that gives it the antique look without much of a struggle. At the center, it is easily complemented with a nice LCD display that shows you which track is playing and additional settings too.

The presence of the dynamic full range stereo speakers is what will get you to listening to your jams with ease even if you do not have a home theatre. You will always get to love what you get from the model as sound as it is been built to a better quality. It can always be trouble to get the right sound with the small turntables, but this one is different.

My Take

The next time you are looking for a Crosley model with more features than just a standard model, then this might be your model. Since it can play media from various devices, you can always be sure it is the right option for you. With a programmable memory, you can have it storing the last 20 tracks to enjoy listening to them even more.

  • It is a fairly compact model for portability
  • It can play from different media types
  • It comes with a digital tuner for additional functionality
  • It has a good and balanced sound
  • The buttons are not well-organized
  • The display is not clear when viewing from the sides

3. Crosley CR6234A-BT Dansette Junior Portable Turntable

Crosley CR6234A-BT Dansette Junior Portable Turntable

The most notable feature that will get you liking this model should be its portability. Any Crosley record player reviews can agree that its design is great for styling. It looks like a suitcase that stills carry the best source of entertainment for you.

To top it up, the model is made of wood and then wrapped in leatherette and vinyl material. On overall, you should be able to love the model even more as compared to some other models on the market right now.

The speakers of the model are positioned at the front with a white weaved cover. It might not the most appealing, but it should be great for basic styling. The controls such as the power and volume knob are placed in front of the suitcase for easy accessibility. You can now easily control playing the records and adjust the settings with ease.

You can now have a system that comes with little headache connections. The connection process on overall should be quite easy considering this is a model that is made to be very basic.

There is also an auxiliary input system whenever you need additional connections. If you need to connect the external speakers, you can connect the speakers by using the auxiliary cables to the speaker.

The major boost for Crosley CR6234A-BT should be the portable design of this model. You could still use it at any point of the house with ease. You can always engage people in different places with the various ways of playing the music. The system will not take up much of your space in the house on overall.

My Take

With many models available today on the market, it is possible that people would be looking to enjoy music from such turntables. I enjoyed this model for being compact enough for better portability. This means that it will not take up a lot of space in a room just to listen to music.

  • It has a simple design
  • It offers high-quality sound output
  • It has a portable design
  • It is an affordable model
  • It has issues of a defective power supply

4. Crosley CR8005C-Cl Cruiser II Portable

Crosley CR8005C-CL Cruiser II Portable

The times of using vinyl records are coming back today with the use of such type of turntables. The Cruiser II is an evolution of the past turntables made by the company to something better and desirable.

The use of the battery power without a doubt will make it great for portability. You will not have to worry about the power source when you can power it from anywhere with the battery power source.

The portable turntables are always charming, and you too could enjoy the charm with this model. For this one, it comes covered with leatherette and a few metal fittings. On overall, it should give you a great look that you like.

The speakers are put in front for better sound output. At the rear, you get the additional ports that you might need for multiple connectivity.

You can switch between different 3-playing record speeds depending on what you need for the record. With the auto return on and off feature for the needle, you can always enjoy playing the record while away as it can turn to the beginning too.

My Take

It is a great model when it comes to enjoying your favorite tracks at home or wherever you want. The sound system is made to be great to support its portability. When it comes to budget wise, it is a great car that will always get you loving it even more. The retro style for design is great to get you walking around with it like it was in the past.

  • It is compact for portability
  • It is a cheap model
  • It comes with a retro design
  • Its construction could be improved
  • It has excessive tracking force


The next time you are looking to buy yourself the best Crosley turntable, you now know what model to choose today. You can always end up with the best model from checking out the different reviews above. Each of the model has its own pros and cons, so you simply have to identify one that works great for you.

Take the time to check out all the models to understand what they all have to offer before making your move. I hope all these Crosley turntable reviews have been helpful to get you the right model for you.